Go Indonesia :: Pencak Silat the Indonesian Martial Art You Can Enjoy and Learn

If you martial art lover, pencak silat could be the most attractive thing from Indonesia. This martial art is native to Indonesia in the form of full-body fighting and some with weapon. If you need more information about it, goindonet provides it for you.

Similar with the country that diverse in cultures, pencak silat or people only called it silat is diverse in style. From west to east, you can see different practice and tradition that make every style unique. You may never have enough to enjoy it.

The oldest and famous silat is silek harimau of Minang people in West Sumatra. Hands mimicking tiger claws are the characteristic of this silat style. Numerous weapons are used on this silat. One of them are weapon resembles the claw of tiger they called it kerambit.

The place to learn silat is commonly called padepokan or perguruan silat (school of silat). There, you can watch silat performance as well as learn it for yourself. Apart of physical defense, most schools teach the student to practice silat for emotional wellbeing.

Some notable padepokan you can visit during go Indonesia are Merpati Putih in Java, Bakti Negara in Bali, and Kampung Silat Jampang in Bogor. After you get information about pencak silat, get more complete Indonesia tourism info here