Go Indonesia :: Learning Fossils In Sangiran Site

Sangiran site is one of the most important

archaeological sites in the world, which is located in Central Java,

Indonesia. UNESCO report in 1995 mentioned that the site is recognized to

be one of the most important sites for studying Hominid fossils, ranking

alongside Willandra Lakes in Australia, Zhoukoudian in China, Olduvai

Gorge in Tanzania and Sterfontein in South Africa.goindonet, go

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Sangiran site covers more than 56 square kilometers of area and

located in Sragen, one of districts in Central Java province. To reach

the site, travelers must take a journey for about 15 kilometers from

Surakarta in Solo. An important feature of the Sangiran site is the geology of the area according to scientists a dome was

naturally built millions of years ago as the result of tectonic uplifts.

It then eroded exposing beds within the dome that are rich in

archaeological items.

Though it is not too famous as Borobudur or

Prambanan temple, but the archaeological site brings so many knowledge

and evidences of pre-historic life. The site is also equipped with a

large museum where excavation results are preserved

and displayed to the public. Up to today, people who live near the

Sangiran site are still searching for fossils but

unfortunately, some of them were sold illegally in the black market.