Go Indonesia :: The Secret Of The Sea Of Bunaken


Those who love diving should never skip the Sea of

Bunaken because this is considered as one of the best places to

dive in the world. This is where you will believe that living underwater

can be really interesting. Many creatures and underwater plants can be

found here while you are diving. The clear, turquoise water is fresh as

well. There is just no reason for you to not visit this beautiful place.

Walking along the island is interesting, but you can also use a boat to

go little faster. If you cannot dive, then do not worry. There is a way

that you can use to still enjoy the underwater living without having to

dive, by using semi diving ship that can be rented.

The most interesting and beautiful thing about the Sea of

Bunaken is surely the underwater. This is what the tourist

wants to experience and explore when they come to visit the island. Even

just walking along the island has been an unforgettable moment that you

can feel. So, enjoying every inch of the island has been really

amazing.  The Sea

of Bunaken allows everyone both who can dive or snorkel

and those who cannot to explore the life underwater. goindonet,

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The Sea of Paradise, the sea of Bunaken

Sea of Bunaken is also known as the sea of Paradise

because of the beauty of the underwater. Those who explore the underwater

will always be admired by the things hidden in the island. Located in

Manado, today the Sea of Bunaken has been considered as

the most popular holiday destination in Manado.

There are nearly 2,000 species living underwater that can be found and

experienced in the Sea of Bunaken. The sea is so deep, it is about 1000

meters. This is why snorkeling or diving in Bunaken would be


When you are exploring underwater in Bunaken, you will find giant

walls underwater that is called as Underwater Great Walls. These giant

walls are built as a place to eat for the fish and species in Bunaken.

So, this is more than just a beautiful place to visit. If you want to

take some underwater pictures, but you do not have such waterproof

camera, you can get the pictures by paying the photographer and he will

help you capture some beautiful pictures underwater. Explore the beauty

underwater in the Sea of Bunaken and you will try a

brand new experience of holiday.go sea of bunaken, goindonesia sea of