Go Indonesian :: Some of Popular Traditional Weapons Indonesian Archipelago


There are many traditional weapons Indonesian

archipelago which have been used by tribes since the past time.

Two actual uses of those weapons were to hunt and self-defense. Today,

people just use them when they are going to have gardening activities or

entering a forest area. However, there are some who have strong belief to

the magic or mystical value inside of those traditional weapons. It is

due to the previous tribal tradition which involved supernatural power in

the making of the tools.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

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Each ethnic in Indonesia seem having their own special weapon.

Therefore, you will find many traditional weapons Indonesian

archipelago. Here are some of them:

  • Rencong (reuncong)

This sharp weapon comes from Aceh with shape like the letter

ā€œLā€. It is consider as dagger type with a knife or sword. The

length of rencong blade can be 10 to 50 cm. the dagger is put in the

sheath that is usually made from horn, wood, ivory or sometimes metal

like silver or gold.

  • Sumpit (sipet)

It is one of traditional weapons Indonesian

archipelago with origins from Kalimantan. It may have the

function like the weapon used by a sniper since it is known as a secret

weapon to murder the enemy or hunted animal secretly. Sumpit is blown

away using a long chopstick with the shot accuracy is able to reach 200

meters. This weapon itself is made from natural ingredients which are

beneficial to keep the nature unaffected.

  • Keris

If you have ever visited Yogyakarta or Central

Java, you can find this type of weapon sold as merchandise. However, many

still consider that keris contains of mystical value. Therefore, people

with the traditional faith like this usually hold a ceremony to bath the

keris at certain dates based on Javanese calendar. Another thing that

makes this weapon unique is its shape, which looks like a snake.

  • Badik

It is a typical weapon commonly used by people in Makassar, Mandar and

Bugis. It has short size and is easy to carry.

  • Celurit

Originally from Madura, celurit is not only used as one of

traditional weapons Indonesian archipelago. It is even

mostly known as agricultural tool. It is made with the shape resembling a

crescent moon. During the process of making celurit, Madurese may insert

a kind of supernatural creature called khodam into the weapon.

If you travel around the country from Sabang to Merauke, each place

you visit has its own uniqueness and ethnic heritages. Despite of the

mystical value trusted by the local people, the traditional

weapons Indonesian archipelago which are different from one

place to another are worth as commercially valued collections.