South Sulawesi Province Tourism


South Sulawesi Province is highlighted by two different characteristics. First, is living heritage of the ethnic culture and second is modern lifestyle in well-developed city. The two different atmospheres will create amazing holiday. Then, beautiful nature will complete the experiences.


Cities and Regencies of South Sulawesi Province


South Sulawesi consists of 3 cities and 21 regncies. The cities are Makassar (the capital and biggest city in the province), Palopo, and Pare-Pare. The notable regencies are Tana Toraja, Wajo, Maros, North Toraja, Jeneponto, Bone, Bulukumba, Gowa, Pangkajene Islands, and Bantaeng.


How to Get In


Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Makassar is the busiest airport in Sulawesi. This is the main gateway to Sulawesi Island. You can take direct international flight from Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippine or domestic flight from major cities in Indonesia. By sea is next common option since South Sulawesi has two seaports in Makassar and Pare-Pare.


Popular Destinations


Makassar is the city full of attractions, entertainments, and delicious cuisines. When you come to Makassar, do not miss to visit Losari Beach and local restaurants. After enjoying the comfort of the city, continue the holiday to different atmosphere in Tana Toraja where beautiful valley and incredible tradition await you. Be the witness of the unbelievable burial tradition of Toraja people. If you love history, you need to visit Bone and Gowa to see the heritage of the old Bone and Gowa Kingdoms.