Go Indonesia :: South Sulawesi Tourism is the Main Lure of Go Indonesia


South Sulawesi Tourism is exceptional thing in the island and it is special for Indonesia. South Sulawesi is one of the main lures to visit Indonesia. The culture, the nature, the foods, and the history are offering something different. The island is located far from Indonesia’s capital but developments are fast growing in the province. There is international airport in Makasar, the biggest city in South Sulawesi. Therefore, it is easy to get into the province.

South Sulawesi Tourism Gives Nice Holiday

South-sulawesi-tourism has many things to attract tourist to come and enjoy the trip. Tourist will enjoy numerous modern facilities when they firstly landed in Makasar City. Makasar special cuisines such as konro, coto, palubasa, and mie kering will become the next to enjoy during the stay in the province. Pare-Pare, Palopo, and Maros are the other cities of good spots.

The next thing that attract tourist to come is Tana Toraja Highland. The highland has unbelievable culture that maintained well by the people. Most to see things are the death and life festivals, as well as unique burial ceremony of the Toraja people. In addition, the nature is stunning. Tana Toraja makes people want to stay longer. Visiting the highland means getting more to enjoy and leaving a good memory in mind.

Numerous amazing places of interest and also the exciting pure tropical landscape, through the under the sea on the tremendous mountain location like karst mountain tops, lakes, waterfalls, lifestyle, old fashioned residence, phinisi sail boat craftsmen, culinary arts, scuba diving spots, ceremonial, classic dancing, cutting, gorgeous weaving soft silk, and lots of different interesting attractions that you could observed within your visit to South Sulawesi region.


Family residences known as “Tongkonan”, are designed with stilts by using rooftops on every end growing just like the prows of the ship, symbolizing the particular cosmos.


The actual area’s exclusive lifestyle, early customs, spiritual way of living, and also cultural natural splendor make it the significant addition for a person’s vacation encounters. It’s really a spot the place tourists communicate with either mother nature and native people today, where by mother nature plus the folks are just one, where are both distributed to the guest.

For any tropical island for Sulawesi generally, you can travel to,


Fort Rrotterdam, Islamic Center, King Tallo Graveyard, Paotere Harbor, Prince Diponegoro Graveyard, Samalona Island, Kodingareng Island, Losari Beach (Losari), Somba Opu Shopping Center, Old Chinese Temple, Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park World Makassar, Bugis Waterpark


Bantimurung Waterfall, Dreaming Cave, Leang-Leang, Rammang – Rammang Village Gowa, Sungguminasa:

Fort Somba Opu, Shaykh Yusuf Graveyard, The Old Mosque of Katangka, Gowa King Palace, Sultan Hasanuddin Graveyard, Rice Valley Golf Club, Malino


Tana Beru (The Phinisi Boat Craftsman), Tanjung Bira (Bira Cape), Kajang Tribe, Ara

A screen:

Gantarang Mosque, Gong Nekara, Pinang Beach, Bone Tappalang Beach, Talloiya Beach, Je’neiya Beach, Uhe Gonggong Waterfall, Forest Animals, Beach Bar, Hara and Bonesialla Beach, Takabonerate Marine Park

Bone, Watampone:

Soba ball, Museum of Saoraja Lapawawoi, Able Cave

Sengkang – Wajo:

Lake Tempe, Floating Fisherman Village, Silk Weaving

Tana Toraja:

Sangalla, Lemo, Londa, Kete’kesu, Pallawa, Batutumonga, macula, Nanggala, Kandora, Marante, Siguntu, Bori ‘Kalimbuang, Buntu Pune, Dead End Kalando, Bolu traditional market, Kambira, Karassik, Lo’ko’mata, Pala’ Tokke ‘, Sa’dan To’barana, Suaya, Tilangnga’, Tumakke, Traditional Ceremony “Rambusolo” and “Rambutuka”