Emerging Sumbawa Tourism Info from Goindonet.com

Sumbawa tourism is emerging to be one of Indonesia’s best. In the past, the island was concealed by the glamour of neighbor island, Bali. Yet truthfully, Sumbawa has countless charms inside it. Now, the beauty of Sumbawa is slowly acknowledged by tourists.

Sumbawa Tourism Full of Adventures

Sumbawa Island is not yet developed. There are only limited sites that are developed with adequate tourism facilities. Only few resorts are available. It is very hard to find luxury. However, less development means the island is still unspoiled. You can see the true nature and the true culture of Sumbawa. The highlight of Sumbawa tourism is full adventures.

Surfing and diving are two most common reasons to come to Sumbawa. World famous surfing spots such as Supersucks surfing spot and ‘Yoyo and Scar Reefs’ are there. Hiking and trekking are the next common activities. Natures full of adventure are waiting for you.

Apart of natural trip, culture is the other allure of Sumbawa. Numerous traditional villages are there in the island. Each village has unique houses, clothing, and traditions. The main attractions are the festivals. The popular festivals are pasola and bull racing. If you want to watch it, you need to check the date so you can come to Sumbawa in the right time.