Go Indonesia :: Enjoying Tasikmalaya Tour

Tasikmalaya tour promises many attractions and nature to be enjoyed, all of which would be available in Tasikmalaya. And surely, most of them are opened for tourists. There are many places to be visited when you are in Tasikmalaya (many people referred it to as “Tasik”) with the intention to spend time and seek for a calmness in such a quiet place.

Places to Visit During Tasikmalaya Tour

There are at least 10 places to be visited during a trip in Tasikmalaya tour. Cater Galunggung, for example, has long become one of the main tourist attraction in the region. Aside of that, beach Cipatujah is also famous for being a place with lots of exoticism and beauty of the Southern Ocean of Java, Karang Tawulan beach, beautiful deserted. Moreover, a natural lake named Situ Gede also worth a visit.

There were more attractions to be enjoyed including Water Park, water boom, water splash, Public Park, and many more. With many attractions had been prepared, perhaps you need to spend a few days or even few weeks in Tasikmalaya so that you can enjoy many things provided by the mother of nature. Whether you like to be in a beach or in mountains, Tasikmalaya tour comes with a variety of attractions that can’t go unnoticed, especially when the holidays arrive.