The Beauty of Kaolin Lake, Bangka with Blue Water

Kaolin Lake BangkaTalking about Bangka Belitung tourism there is one tourist attraction, which you must visit while on vacation. Its name is Lake Kaolin Bangka Belitung.

Although only in the form of ex-mining areas, many tourists regret if they don’t stop by this place.

Actually, this is indeed a former kaolin mineral mine. Kaolin is one of the mining assets of Belitung. The location of Lake Kaolin, Bangka is in the village of Air Raya, Tanjung Pandan, Belitung, Bangka Belitung province.


What is interesting in Kaolin Lake, Bangka?

In this place, you will find a very breathtaking view as long as the eyes see. Like the pile of excavation heap like a hill in the lake area that looks at a glance at the mini Mount Bromo but has a white color. In the middle of the lake, there is a land that seems to connect between the ends of the lake.

For those who like photography, here is the most suitable place to look for photo objects.

The combination of blue water with white stone walls like being covered with snow becomes an amazing color collaboration.


The Route to Lake Kaolin

This lake is located near the center of Tanjungpandan city. It only takes 10 minutes to get to the lake. We recommend using a private vehicle because public transportation here is very minimal.

Towards arriving at the location you will enter the dirt road, the road is contoured like solid soil only.

It seems that the area around the former mining quarry looks unkempt, decorated with grass and interspersed with wild plants here and there that thrive around it.

Soon you will see a combination of snow-white earth mounds with blue lake water stretching out in your eyes. As far as the eye stretches around you, that’s what you see. I don’t know what you say later, each person is different in his own way but there are similarities ‘the excavation can change into a beautiful interesting scene as if going in the northern hemisphere countries.


Facilities and Entrance Tickets.

In this place, there are no public facilities because this area has not been managed. For lodging problems, you can stay in Tanjungpandan city with a variety of affordable hotel and lodging prices.

Ticket prices on the lake are still free. You only have to pay for vehicle parking. Tips for visiting Kaolin Lake, Bangka, you must prepare your best camera so you can take pictures until you are satisfied. In addition, you must bring your own provisions from home because no one has sold food or drinks in this place.

Please give your impression here don’t forget. But for your provision, who wants to prove the view on Lake Kaolin, Bangka, try to follow the following message, it might be useful for you to compare.

There is another side that you will find around there when you explore, you will find another lake with green watercolor.

When the afternoon arrives, do not rush to leave, towards sunset far west side there, wait a minute, wait for the evening panorama in Air Bara, how to tease the typical orange color that adorns Air Bara.

Visiting the lake with two colors of coal-water, having a risk because there is not enough safety around the lake, the ground is uneven, you can easily stumble because you don’t see the road, you only think about the beauty of the lake and its surroundings you don’t want to miss.

Always be vigilant, be careful in certain parts that you do not know there are unstable lands prone to landslides.

How to tickle your heart for swimming, you should not do it, because there is a possibility of chemical processes that endanger your skin health who knows.

And you should take advantage of the morning between nine and eleven o’clock to get a beautiful view of the lake and not too late in the afternoon the sun is too hot, arrange to be present at between three and five in the afternoon. OK, have fun. Do not forget. And don’t forget to keep worshiping there, there is the grace of Allah, the way to thank Him.