Go Indonesia :: Bukit Baka Bukit Raya The Lovely Mountain Peaks

Bukit Baka Bukit Raya is national park lies on Schwaner mountain range in Central Kalimantan. The national park is unification of two natural reserve areas, Bukit Baka (Baka Mountain) and Bukit Raya (Raya Mountain). The lovely mountain peaks have many exciting parts that worth to explore and enjoy.

The national park covers 1,810 km-sq. area with more than 800 plant species, including abundant of Symplocaceae. Lovely and attractive flowers such as orchid and rafflesia are growing there. symplocaceae

Hundreds of animal species, including orangutan, flying squirrel, sun bear, helmeted hornbill, little cuckoo dove, and oyster eagle are protected inside the park.

Enjoying the nature of this national park could be done by land or by water. While enjoying the lovely nature, tourists could find interesting spots such as Demang Ehud waterfall and Sepan apoi hot spring. For one who seek for adrenaline rush, take time to enjoy white-water rafting at Ella River.

Since this is Borneo, you can observe Dayak culture while exploring the nature. Several Dayak ethnics, including Dayak Limbai, Ot Danum, Malahui, Kahayan,

Ransa, and Kenyilu live in the park. The indigenous people are well known for their love to nature. Although they live from the nature, they preserve it well. This is something that modern people should learn.