Go Indonesia :: Tanjung Puting The Nirvana Of Orang Utan

Orang utan is the most protected species all cross Borneo but Tanjung Putting is the nirvana for orang utan. With four research centers for orang utan study and rehabilitation, this park become the main orang utan conservation area in Borneo. When you visit the park, you will know that orang utan is only scary on the look. In fact, orang utan is gentle and mostly funny.

Camp Leakey is the first research center established in this park. With long efforts to protect and conserve orang utan, Camp Leakey and other research centers have been positively rescue and safeguard orang utan in the wildlife. Of course, as the area of biodiversity, numerous endangered species are highly protected. The species are including proboscis monkey, bearded pig, Bornean white-bearded gibbon, clouded leopard, sun bear, civets, sambar deer, wild cattle, hornbill, and dragon fish.

Tanjung Putting has ecosystem diversity that it has been UNESCO Biosphere Reserve from 1977. The area is mostly dry-land dipterocarp forest covering the lowland area. Mangrove and coastal beach forest, secondary forest, heath forest, and peat swamp forest are the other ecosystem worth to explore. Several local tours are available to help tourist visit and enjoy the wildlife as well as the research centers. Best time to visit the park is June to September.