Go Indonesia :: Bali Island, The World’s Best Island


Who does not know Bali Island? Everyone in Indonesia

even those from other parts of the world know this Island so well. This

is because Bali is considered as the best Island in

Indonesia, even the world. There is no place like Bali. Both domestic and

local tourists love visiting this island because of the beauty. Bali has

so many interesting activities to do including exploring the nature, the

culture and the history. There are just so many things that you can do

because there are hundreds of beautiful places to visit. Just decide what

kind of holiday that you like, whether this is a romantic beach holiday

or adventurous cultural holiday, Bali Island

offer so many things to enjoy. goindonet, go indonesia

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Talking about Bali

Island cannot be separated from the list of beautiful

beaches to visit. Bali is known for its beaches. Tourists are coming just

to see the beauty of the beach and the nature. There are several

beautiful beaches to choose from in Bali Island, one of

them is considered as the most popular, Kuta beach. This

is the best place for those who like doing water activities like surfing

since this is the right beach to choose. You can also see the beautiful

sunset in the evening to complete your day.

Interesting Things to Do in Bali

Not just beaches, But Bali Island is also rich of

cultural heritage like the     Tanah Lot. This is holy

place to pray to God based on people in Bali’s belief. There are

actually two temples in this area, and they are located above the giant

stone in the water. So, it is like the temple is floating in the water

while the waves are playing around the temples. Since the temples are

high enough above the water, people like coming here to see the sunset

since they can clearly see the sunset. So, the evening is the best time

to come here.

If you love the fresh air of the mountain, visit Kintamani since this

has a beautiful scenery and fresh air of mountain. One of the most

beautiful places in Kintamani is the Batur Lake, the most eye catching

scenery from Batur Mountain. Both the lake and the

mountain are truly beautiful and exotic. So, it can be seen that

Bali Island offers many beautiful places to enjoy and

this island is appropriate for everyone since there are just various

places that offer different activities to try. go indonesia bali, go bali