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Derawan Paradise is the answer for you who wish to enjoy the serene and peaceful holiday in secluded island, far from the bustling city. This local trip organizer provides various tour packages to Derawan Islands, wonderful archipelago in East Kalimantan. The packages are available for all budgets. It is available for backpacker to luxury demander.

Full Enjoyments Derawan Paradise

Full Enjoyments Derawan Paradise Islands are hidden gems. The marine area is highly conserved. The total conservation area is about 1.27 hectares. It comprises 31 islands. The area is unbelievably beautiful due to coral triangle that rich of marine biodiversity. It offers countless incredible diving spots. People agree it is one of the best in the world. The islands are the largest turtle-nesting site in Indonesia. The main attraction is to see giant green turtles lay eggs in the beach. The islands also have two jellyfish ponds (with the unique stingless jellyfishes) and many caves with connection to the sea.

Derawan Paradise is actually the name of inhabited island. Only one village is on the island. The other inhabited island is Maratua. Four villages are on the island. Although development is on progress, most islands are still isolated. To reach the islands, tourists should take boat. Therefore, taking tour package is recommenced. It will make things easier and tourist could have the full enjoyment of Derawan Paradise.

So Derawan Paradise as one of the mainstay tourism Berau and East Kalimantan province of Indonesia. Foreign and local tourists, the more traveled there, no choice but to dive, see the nesting turtles, also enjoyed the beach clean and beautiful. Along the beach is clean and no rubbish. Communication facilities in Derawan Paradise Islands has been good, there is already a 3G signal. The beauty of the beach, and underwater is difficult to express in words, just come there to find out.

How it helps you achieve Derawan Paradise Islands?

Derawan Paradise Islands , there are many ways go to the islands of Derawan. For those who’ve been in Borneo could be by road, from Palangkaraya to Banjarmasin continue Balikpapan to Samarinda further onward to Cape Redeb forwarded Tanjung Batu finally reached the island Derawan.
Flights to Balikpapan quite a lot, then from Balikpapan there are two options, namely through Berau or through Tarakan. Passing Tarakan is cheaper and more choice than through Berau.But flight from tarakan further if the sea lanes to get to the Derawan Paradise Islands and no regular speedboat or to the public, so it must hire themselves. Through Tarakan easier for departing entourage.
While the Berau easier for those who own because there are a lot of car travel to Tanjung Batu and the general public speedboat to the island Derawan.

Airlines that serve flights Balikpapan to Berau and Balikpapan: Sriwijya Air, Wings Air, Kalstar, Garuda Indonesia. For the price varies depending on the season, and airlines, please check their respective web to compare prices.
There are plenty of options to stay at Derawan Paradise Islands, from the level of accommodation, homestay until Resort are all available, depending on the budget you have.
The most complete in Derawan Island, the most inexpensive. Who have more money could also try to stay at Maratua Paradise Resort is famous.
If you want to get around on the island Derawan could walk because the island is not too big. As for the head of the other islands have to hire a speedboat by yourself.
The main attractions Derawan course in maritime affairs is with water attractions and underwater. Islands that can be visited in maritime Derawan, namely Maratua Island, Kakaban, Charitable, Nabucco, Bakungan and Derawan Paradise Islands itself.


Activity is usually done on the beach sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, as well as see turtles. It is difficult to describe with words, how good you are there. Maybe you think that if not for your business affairs, you may not want to return to your own country. Here peaceful, comfortable, cool atmosphere, beautiful; nature and its inhabitants are hospitable and very friendly, which is important go-Indonesia Derawan Paradise Islands.