Go Indonesian :: Travel Around With Indonesian Transportation

The advance knowledge about Indonesian transportation

system will help you [link:67]travel[/link] around the country. You

may find no hassle to explore a small and land-based country. You

probably just need to rent a car and drive it yourself with much

convenience. However, Indonesia is different. It is a type of archipelago

country that has large territory. Fortunately, Indonesian

transportation offers you the flexible choices to meet

travelers’ needs. You can take a boat to cross the sea or simply

book a flight when you want to go to another island.

What to Know About Indonesian Transportation

Transportation plays essential role in the [link:57]archipelago

[/link] country’s economic development. The raw materials and

agricultural products can only be moved if there are tools to transport

them. In general, Indonesian transportation system

itself is complementary rather than competitive. When you want to travel

around, there are several ways to choose, on road, water or air route. It

depends on your need and preference.

The road transport is the main option. Long distance passenger traffic

commonly relies on the railway system. There is also sea transport that

lets passenger travel from one island to another. If both road and water

of Indonesian transportation types are not available or

preferable, people usually take a domestic flight. goindonet, [link:54]go

indonesia[/link], [link:52]complete indonesia tourism info[/link].

Types of Public Indonesian Transportation Mode

Are you ready to travel around? As a large archipelago country,

Indonesian transportation is known for its traffic jams.

This unpleasant fact may make you spend more time on the way. However, it

is still useful to take public Indonesian transportation

rather than driving a ride on your own. At least, you can avoid being

lost. Here are the available options to choose from:

  • Taxi

It can be found almost everywhere especially in big city like Jakarta.

You can take the competitive rates among of different providers. When you

take one, it is advised to tell the drive the significant sign of the

destination you are about to. It can be the building look and number.

Many taxi drivers come from different cities, so not all of them know the

city’s streets. Do not forget to ask him starting to taxi meter.

You are also find companies that provide taxies for advance booking in

Indonesian transportation system.

  • Train

This Indonesian transportation type is only available

in Java and Sumatera. Train is the more suitable to take a long-distance

trip that lets you enjoy the beautiful landscape along the way, whether

it is in Java or Sumatera. You can also take the most preferable chair,

ranging from economy to business classes.

  • Bus

It is the main Indonesian transportation that

connects cities. It comes in some sizes and classes. If you take an

economy bus, be aware of the physical condition that can rearrange your

organ. Drivers may also drive the buses like crazy. However, the cost of

this transportation is relatively cheap. Sometimes, it is possible to

bargain the fee. If you are lucky, a friendly local may even pay off your

bill. Just watch out the pick-pocket. Keep your belongings safe.

  • Car for rent

If you have a lot of patience, it is possible to rent a car. You can

drive it yourself. However, hiring a driver is more advised due to the

complicated driving conditions in the country. Make sure you read the

contract details carefully to avoid being ripped off on this

Indonesian transportation mode.

  • Boat

It is a type of water transportation that will take you cross the

islands. Take for example when you want to head Bali from Java. The trip

can take 45 minutes. If you want to go from Bali to Lombok, you can go

with ferry for 5 hours or a speed boat just in one hour and half.

  • Airplane

It is the alternative Indonesian

transportation mode when you can’t get a boat to

cross the sea. Of course, it can take you to the destination much faster

with the more expensive fee. Even so, the ticket price is considered as

cheaper than those offered in other countries. Make sure you book the

seat in advance to avoid the full-book during the peak season.

There are several more transportation modes in Indonesia. Take for

example bicycle, becak, bajaj and motorcycle. Whatever type of Indonesian

transportation you want to get on to, always bring the

necessary documents like visa and passport during your travel.