West Sulawesi Province Tourism



 West Sulawesi Province is the art of tropical landscape and marine. The province is best place for stress reliever as the area is quiet and tranquil far from the hectic city live. With fertile soil, the province in well known for coffee and clove plantation. West Sulawesi is also rich of history. Fourteen kingdoms were ruled the area. Mamuju is the capital and the heart of the province.


Cities and Regencies of West Sulawesi Province


West Sulawesi only has 6 regencies that are Mamuju, Central Mamuju, North Mamuju, Majene, Mamasa, and Polewali Mandar.


How to Get In


West Sulawesi does not have international entrance so international tourist should enter another city first and then continue to West Sulawesi by plane and arrive at Tampa Padang Airport. The other choice is to get in at Belang-Belang Bakekeng Mamuju Port from Surabaya and Balikpapan. By road from South Sulawesi, you can take car or bus.


Popular Destinations


Mamuju is small city to learn about West Sulawesi tradition and visit Jati Gentungan that promising beautiful landscape. Poliwali Mandar is next destination where beautiful Indo Rannuang Waterfall, Limbong Sitodo River, and numerous beaches on the islands nearby, is located. Majene is not less attractive with beautiful beaches such as Dato Beach. In Majene, do not miss Banggae and Hadat Manggar Royal Graveyard.