South East Sulawesi Province Tourism


South East Sulawesi Province with Kendari as the capital is quiet but unique. The nature is gorgeous with marvelous charms in both land and marine area. Due to strong influence of Bone Kingdom (an Islamic Monarchy) yet the people still maintain native tradition, South East Sulawesi is the mix of native culture and Islamic values.


Cities and Regencies of South East Sulawesi Province


South East Sulawesi is divided into 2 cities and 12 regencies. The cities are Kendari and Bau-Bau. The regencies are Bombana, Buton, North Buton, Kolaka, East Kolaka, North Kolaka, Konawe, Konawe Islands, North Konawe, South Konawe, Muna, and Wakatobi.


How to Get In


By car, by plane, or by boat, there are lots of options to get into the province. You can get in by road from Central Sulawesi or South Sulawesi. By plane, there is airport in Kendari and you can take domestic flights from various big cities in Indonesia. Get in by boat is popular, including the option to take cruise.


Popular Destinations


Wakatobi Marine National Park is the most famous. Lambusango and Kakenauwe Protected Forest comes next. Near Kendari, you can set foot at cluster of islands in Soropia District. One of them is Hari Island, a small-uninhabited island with abundant inland and water beauty.


Your visit to South East Sulawesi will not complete before you taste the delicious cuisine. The specialty is hot and spicy seafood and sweet desserts such as pisang hijau and bagea.



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