West Sumatera Province Tourism  

West Sumatra Province is the location of the Minangkabau people reside. Province has a culture and natural beauty that seems difficult to find his equal so that the province is also known as the last paradise. Moreover, with exoticism owned, the province became one tourist destination for both local and international.


Cities and regencies of  West Sumatera Province


West Sumatra province has its capital in the city of Padang. Administratively, the province is divided into 12 districts and 7 cities. Mentawai Islands District is the largest area in the province. Whereas for the area with the smallest area is in the city of Padang Panjang.


How to Get in


Of course, to support economic activity and provide convenient access for visitors from outside the province, the provincial government of West Sumatra provide various means of transportation both seas, land, or air. In this province there are 8 ports consisting of one sea port and 7 special harbor crossings. In addition, the province also provided two main airports that Rokot Airport located in the Mentawai Islands district and Tabing Airport in Padang. To go to various tourist sites in the province, visitors can use various means of transportation such as renting a car or using a variety of public transportation.


Popular destinations


The province is well known for one of the iconic Jam Gadang that is located in the city of Bukittinggi. In addition, visitors can also visit the Gadang house, Ngarai Sianok, Siberut National Park, as well as Maninjau Lake.

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