Go Indonesia :: Wayang Show The Heritage Of Indonesia

Wayang show (puppet show) is one of most famous heritage of Indonesia. Mostly played in Java and Bali, wayang is coming with many variations. This goindonet, the portal of complete Indonesia tourism info will explain some of them for you.

Wayang kulit is the most popular and received acknowledgment from UNESCO as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The puppet is made from leather (kulit means leather) and played in the setting of shadow puppet show. Wayang kulit is widely performed in Central Java, Bali, and Lombok with different characteristics on each region.

In West Java, you can found wayang golek. The puppet is made from wood with rods on the hands of the doll to play it. The most popular character in wayang golek is cepot.

In Eastern Java, there is wayang klitik. It is made of wood but similar with the form of wayang kulit. This wayang is also played in shadow puppet setting.

Wayang wong is another Javanese type of Wayang. However, this is not a puppet show because it is actually man theatrical performance. Wong is Javanese word for human.

Wayang puppets are good for souvenir in the time you go Indonesia. You can find the puppets on various merchandise stores in the city where you enjoy wayang show.

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