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Central Sulawesi Tourism is on the rise. This is a province that trying hard to show their true wonder. The province is known for ethnic conflicts for the past few years. Fortunately, peace is starting to escalate in most area. The number of tourists is rising.

Central Sulawesi Tourism is Actually Captivating

The dark story of conflicts covers the real beauty of Central Sulawesi. This province is actually very captivating. The wonderful nature consists of sleepy blue lakes, tropical forests, attractive rivers, and lovely beaches. The nature is rich in bio-ecosystems, flora, and fauna. The first wonder is Lore Lindu National Park in Donggala. This National Park is UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Togean Islands is the next nature wonder. This beautiful archipelago is located in Tomini Gulf. You will mesmerize to the giant coconut crab and Una-Una Volcano Island.

21 May 2012, Sulawesi, Indonesia — Togian Island / Togean located in Central Sulawesi, located between the north and east arms of Sulawesi lies a large group of islands. The islands are formed by volcanic activity, and formed islands. This is the only place in the world where the barrier reef, atolls and coral reefs are found together. Most of the islands are still covered by dense tropical forests and surrounded by old coral reef formations. Both marine ecosystems, and land inhabited by exotic wildlife. —  Fadil Aziz/Corbis

Togean Island

Central Sulawesi is also rich of history and culture. First recommendation is to see ancient megaliths. The second is to meet tribes who still live in olden way. People of Sulawesi are actually friendly to tourist. However, the ethnic conflicts made them a little bit closed. Tourists still need to be careful. It is recommended to stay low profile when meeting the ethnic group. Respectful to others will make you get respect.

Central Sulawesi Tourism, which place would you choose here

Central Sulawesi Tourism is directly to the provincial capital. Palu is the capital of Central Sulawesi province.
This province is more famous for the beauty its marine tourism as Central Sulawesi Tourism. But apparently, beside the beach and the bay is the main attraction of this town, there is the charm of ancient culture and heritage in the city of Palu eligible to be used as destinations Central Sulawesi Tourism. The exact location of the city of Palu located beside the bay of Palu. According to rumors, in this bay will be built submarine base, because it is very indented Palu bay to the mainland and its depth also support the operation of the submarine.
Returning again to the problem attractions Palu. Tourism in Palu very interesting to be explored because not many people know about the tourism potential of this city. As the
capital, Palu would be the most developed city among other cities. It is characterized by the
landmark bridge 41 in the Gulf of Palu. The bridge, which is predicted to be the third
largest in the world, after Japan and France. Indeed, this has become a matter of pride for
the city of Palu, as, Central Sulawesi Tourism.
There are several places Central Sulawesi Tourism including the beauty of the bay and beaches are tempting to be enjoyed.
Attraction Talise beach is the closest beach to Palu. White sandy beaches, with the ripples
of the waves calm you can swim, sunbathe or fishing on the beach, diving is also allowed,
spend the afternoon in Palu Talise beach.


Talise Beach

Sou Raja is a manor house in Palu, built using a foundation Ulin wood or wood Bayan. While the roof is always triangular.
Mystery of the national park is also worth visited, his name is Lore Lindu National Park. For
those of you who like adventure activities, this is a suitable place.
Regarding culture are reflected when you visit the museum and their customary home recording many traces of ancestral well. Museum here as Central Sulawesi Tourism you will see a collection of ancient elephants, or how to create the fabric of the skin, which is very surprising you.
As if you would not be satisfied fully there, united in peace in the virgin nature pretty attractive in a friendly habitat in Central Sulawesi Tourism. Have fun.

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