Simpang Lima Gumul

Simpang Lima Gumul

If you ever hear the name of L’arch D ‘ Triomphe, that is the popular monument on France. But you don’t need go to abroad, because there is a similar monument in Kediri, it is Simpang Lima Gumul Monument.


The Monument is resembles of L’arch D ‘ Triomphe in France that stands majestically in the midst of an Simpang Lima Gumul – Kediri is pride of Kediri city, East Java, development into the new city of Gumul in Kediri Regency. The differences, this monument has the spirit of the founding of Kediri District this monument so it is like five intersection Gumul in position right in the middle line of five streets North Pare, Kediri, Plosoklaten, Pesantren, and Pamenang.


The monument has a building area of 804 square metres, there are 3 ladder 3 metres of the base of the temple, and 25 meters high so that if we are on the roof of the monument we can see the whole panorama of Kediri and transformations project this trade development the overall area of 37 Ha. Monument hand carved reliefs of Kediri has history of Arts and culture to Kediri that exist now. Large numbers and high monument also reflect the date, month and year anniversary Regency Kediri, March 25, 804 CE.


Kediri monument located at Simpang Lima Gumul is an icon of Kediri Regency. Just a ± 6 km (± 10 minutes) from the city of Kediri or ± 120 km (CA. 2.5 hours) from Juanda international airport in Surabaya. This area is projected to become the new town and the Central Business District of East Java have started to equip themselves with the convention hall and Multipurpose Building, Bank, Bus terminal area between the town and the MPU, and magnificent Water Park recreations Gumul Paradise Island.


This area is always full of visitors in the evening by relaxing in the monument area or enjoying a traditional cuisine that is selling in street vendors who lined the Tugu market area. On the weekend morning and holiday, this area is crowded by visitors to jogging track, gathering with family, and also enjoy the hectic market Saturday week. The government of Kediri will design for future, this area will include hotels, malls, shops, wholesale Center, Tourism Information Centre and the World Trade Centre.



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