North Maluku Province Tourism


North Maluku Province is the destination of marine, tropical forest, incredible volcano, cultural, historical, and ancient heritage tourism. Was part of great Islamic Kingdoms in the Eastern part of Indonesia, North Maluku is an archipelago with so many things to see. The province consists of 395 islands but only 64 are inhabited. The capital is Sofifi and the biggest city is Ternate.


Cities and Regencies of North Maluku Province


North Maluku is divided into 2 cities and 8 regencies. The cities are Ternate and Tidore Islands. The regencies are Central Halmahera, South Halmahera, North Halmahera, East Halmahera, West Halmahera, Morotai Islands, Sula Islands, and Taliabu Islands.


How to Get In


North Maluku has several airports that only serve domestic flights. The main airport is Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate that serves direct flights from/to Makassar and Manado. From Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and other cities, you need to transit in Makassar first and then continue to Ternate.


Popular Destinations


Ternate and Tidore Islands are destination to enjoy the magical nature and amazing historical sites. Kedaton Sultan Ternate Museum is the place to see the heritage of Ternate Sultanate. Halmahera is the biggest island in the province where the nature is pure and the history is worth to learn. Enjoy the clean white beaches and fresh air in Mamuya Mountain.



West Papua Province Tourism



Hidden paradise in the eastern Indonesia is how we describe West Papua Province. The beauty of West Papua is just unwrapped recently and since then, the number of tourists who come is increasing greatly. The unharmed beauty is conserved by the wisdom of the indigenous tribes that live in unique traditions. The capital of this province is Manokwari.


Cities and Regencies of West Papua Province


West Papua consists of 1 city and 12 regencies. The city is Sorong. The regencies are Manokwari, South Manokwari, Fak-Fak, Sorong, Arfak Mountains, Kaimana, Raja Ampat, Maybrat, South Sorong, Tambrauw, Teluk Wondama, and Teluk Bintuni.


How to Get In


The main airport is Rendani Airport in Manokwari that only serve limited domestic flights, mostly from Makassar and some from Jakarta. From main cities in Indonesia, you need to transit first in Makassar. There are also other airports in Fak-Fak and Sorong. Other option is to get in by sea at Sorong Port.


Popular Destinations


The most popular destination is Raja Ampat National Marine Park, the marine paradise. Cendrawasih Bay is another paradise where divers are guaranteed to see whale shark. The list of nature paradise is continued with Triton Bay, Kaimana, Wayag, and Kamaka Lake. For cultural and historical option, the popular list is Sorong, Sauwandarek Village, and archeological site Tapurarang.




Papua Province Tourism


Papua Province is located in east of Indonesia bordered with Papua New Guinea. Jayapura is the capital. The province is well known for their buah merah (red fruit) that has many health benefits. Tourism in Papua is on the rise, especially for the blend of nature and culture of the indigenous tribes.


Cities and Regencies of Papua Province


Papua is consisting of 1 city and 28 regencies. The city is Jayapura. The notable regencies are Asmat, Biak Numfor, Jayawijaya, Merauke, Mimika, Pengunungan Bintang, and Jayapura.


How to Get In


The common ways to get into Papua are by plane or by boat. There are several airports in the province including Sentani Airport in Jayapura, Biak Airport, and Oksibil Airport. The airports only serve domestic flights. However, there is a plan to develop international airport.


Popular Destinations


Lorentz National Park and Wasur National Park are two must visited destination at Papua Province. Lorentz National Park is UNESCO heritage site so the beauty is unquestionable. Papua is well known for the beautiful and colorful birds. Wasur National Park is one of best bird watching places.


The largest river in the province is Mamberano River, which many people call it Amazon of Papua. Baliem Valley is famous for the lovely tableland where the native Dani people live there. Do not miss to watch the interesting culture of the native and get some beautiful arts for souvenir.



Gorontalo Province Tourism


Gorontalo Province is located in eastern part of Indonesia, in the island of Sulawesi. Gorontalo City is the capital. Many travellers known Gorontalo as the hub to Togean Islands and Tomini, but Gorontalo tourism has long list of things to do in the province. From simply go around seeing the local wisdoms to delight in the nature to captivate by the history, you can spend days and still feel not enough.


Cities and Regencies of Gorontalo Province


Gorontalo consists of 5 regencies and 1 city that are Boalemo Regency, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Regency, North Gorontalo Regency, Pathuwato Regency, and Gorontalo City.


How to Get In


Gorontalo is accessible by many transport means. You can go by plane from several main cities in Indonesia to Gorontalo Airport. Fast ferry and overnight ferry is another option. If you already stay in Manado, you can use bus to go there.


Popular Destinations


Gorontalo City is the main destination. Good hotels, nice restaurants, and museums are there. You should try various mouth water dishes while you visit the city. The natural options to consider while visiting the province are Maleo bird sanctuary, Nani Wartabone National Park, Olele Natural Reserve, and Lombongo Waterfall and hotspring.


Historical and cultural sites are including Taruna Remaja Square, Otanaha Forts, Bubohu Bongo religious excursion village, and the 2000 stairs.


South East Sulawesi Province Tourism


South East Sulawesi Province with Kendari as the capital is quiet but unique. The nature is gorgeous with marvelous charms in both land and marine area. Due to strong influence of Bone Kingdom (an Islamic Monarchy) yet the people still maintain native tradition, South East Sulawesi is the mix of native culture and Islamic values.


Cities and Regencies of South East Sulawesi Province


South East Sulawesi is divided into 2 cities and 12 regencies. The cities are Kendari and Bau-Bau. The regencies are Bombana, Buton, North Buton, Kolaka, East Kolaka, North Kolaka, Konawe, Konawe Islands, North Konawe, South Konawe, Muna, and Wakatobi.


How to Get In


By car, by plane, or by boat, there are lots of options to get into the province. You can get in by road from Central Sulawesi or South Sulawesi. By plane, there is airport in Kendari and you can take domestic flights from various big cities in Indonesia. Get in by boat is popular, including the option to take cruise.


Popular Destinations


Wakatobi Marine National Park is the most famous. Lambusango and Kakenauwe Protected Forest comes next. Near Kendari, you can set foot at cluster of islands in Soropia District. One of them is Hari Island, a small-uninhabited island with abundant inland and water beauty.


Your visit to South East Sulawesi will not complete before you taste the delicious cuisine. The specialty is hot and spicy seafood and sweet desserts such as pisang hijau and bagea.



East Nusa Tenggara Province Tourism



East Nusa Tenggara Province is a province popular for the beautiful and extra ordinary nature. It has world class surfing, diving, and fishing spots as well as hiking and trekking on high land and volcanoes. The culture is another unique and matchless. Visiting the province will give tourist unforgettable memories.


Cities and Regencies


East Nusa Tenggara is divided into 1 city and 21 regencies. The city is Kupang. The notable regencies are East Flores, Manggarai, Alor, Belu, Central Sumba, Kupang, Sikka, Ende, and Lembata.


How to Get In


East Nusa Tenggara has airports in Kupang, Maumere, and Komodo Labuan Bajo that only serve domestic flights. You can get in from Bali, Jakarta, and several major cities in Indonesia. Get by boat is popular with frequent ferry services from Bali, Lombok, Makasar, Papua, and Maluku to Flores.


Popular Destinations


One destination not to miss when visiting this province is Komodo National Park to see the famous Komodo dragon in wildlife. Komodo National Park is also well known for the magnificent scenery, marvelous diving spot, and spectacular surfing. Mount Kelimutu with the coloured lake comes next. In the eastern part, be mesmerized by the stunning Alor archipelago where the nature provides super diving, swimming, fishing, and trekking. Then, it would be nice if you could come to Sumba in the right time when interesting festivals such as pasola are held.



West Kalimantan Province Tourism


 Located in equator line, West Kalimantan Province is the true tropical area. With Pontianak as the capital, this province is developing yet working hard to maintain the nature as well as the traditions. As part of Borneo, West Kalimantan plays big part in conserving tropical rain forest that the government protects it as national parks.


Cities and Regencies


West Kalimantan is divided into 2 cities and 12 regencies. The 2 cities are Pontianak and Singkawang. The 12 regencies are Bengkayang, Ketapang, Kubu Raya, Kapuas Hulu, Landak, Melawi, Pontianak, Sambas, North Kayong, Sanggau, Sintang, and Sekadau.


How to Get In


The main airport in the province is Supadio Airport in Pontianak that serves domestic flights and international flights from Malaysia. Another airport that serves fewer flights is Rahadi Oesman Airport in Ketapang. The other options are entering by ship at Pontianak seaport and by car from surrounding Kalimantan.


Popular Destinations


Pontianak is equator city where people come to stand at the zero degree. To enjoy the beauty of tropical forest, tourists go to Gunung Palung National Park and Danau Sentarum National Park. To enjoy the matchless culture, tourists go to Bengkayang to meet Bidayuh Dayak tribe, Sambas City as the location of Sambas Sultanate, Singkawang City for the thousands Chinese temple, and Temanjuk Village to see the unique tradition.



West Java Province Tourism


West Java Province is next to Jakarta and known for cooler weather. The capital is Bandung City where tourism facilities are significantly developed. The province is popular for the Sundanese culture, wonderful natures, and delicious cuisines.


Cities and Regencies


West Java consists of 9 cities and 18 regencies. The notable cities are Bandung City, Bekasi, Bogor, Depok, Cimahi, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, and Cirebon. The notable regencies are Bandung, Bekasi, Bogor, Garut, Pangandaran, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, Indramayu, Karawang, Kuningan, and Subang.


How to Get In


Commonly, international traveler will arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport (Jakarta) and continue with two hours’ drive by car, bus, or shuttle to Bandung. Bandung also has Hussein Sastra Negara International Airport but it is small airports. International Airport in Majalengka is on the plan. Land transportation including trains and buses are the most comfortable way to get into West Java from around Java Island.


Popular Destinations


Bandung is well known for the fashion and cuisines. People also come to Bandung to go to Kawah Putih (White Crater) in Ciwidey and Lembang to enjoy the nature. Bogor is next popular town with Kebun Raya Bogor, the greatest botanical garden in Indonesia. Bogor also has Mekarsari Park, the biggest garden of tropical fruits. Then, there are many other destinations including Pangandaran Beach, Saung Mang Udjo (center of Sundanese culture), and Istana Bogor (President’s House).

You need to take time to see the uniqueness of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a shape which resembles an upturned boat. Not so far have only been about 20 KM north of the city of Bandung, Tangkuban Perahu volcano is located in Lembang.

Why is it called Tangkuban boat? Because according to the legend that says that Mount Tangkuban Perahu came from a boat that was kicked up by Sangkuriang reversed. You will be happy here because of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a natural tourist spot that has become one of the tourist destinations most famous Bandung.

Special Capital Region of Jakarta Tourism

Jakarta is the city a tourist destination. Special Capital Region of Jakarta is the most important province as the capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is the most busiest and crowded province in the country that become the center of government activities, businesses, and entertainment industries. It is also the largest metropolitan area with greatest development in Indonesia. Nevertheless, some parts of Jakarta keep the history alive.


Cities and Regencies


Jakarta is divided into five cities and one regency; they are Central Jakarta (the capital), West Jakarta, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta, and Kepulauan Seribu Regency.


How to Get In


As the country’s capital, Jakarta is the main international entrance to Indonesia. By plane, you could arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Cengkareng (although located in Banten, the airport serve mostly Jakarta area). If you already in Indonesia, there is another airport that domestic flights called Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. Port in Jakarta is called Tanjung Priok. Land transportation is widely available, including trains, buses, and shuttles.


Popular Destinations


Jakarta has many entertainments. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) is a park where tourist could learn cultures and traditions from various places all around Indonesia such as traditional houses, clothes, and music instruments. Kota Tua (Old Town) offers different atmosphere with old buildings, museums, and lots of history of colonialism. If you wish to breathe fresh air, you can go to Kepulauan Seribu (Thousands Islands) to enjoy the beaches.

Talk to tour the Old City in Jakarta, there are some decent places you look further. Insight you will gain when you discover places of historical interest. You will enjoy how this tour Old Town, you’ll be able to present the culinary delights that you can enjoy, such as Cafe Batavia. Not to be missed, drop to the Gazebo Cafe, where you can enjoy the traditional foods, and other restaurant.

Characteristic of Indonesian food specials to Jakarta, snacks that are often encountered as gado-gado, soup, egg crust is also available to many there. Later you will be able to tell the family or neighbors, how good the food is. The cuisine, which has been tasted by US President Obama, as a child, lived in Indonesia

Go Indonesia :: North-Maluku-Tourism Hides Paradise of Go Indonesia and Good History to Learn


North-Maluku-tourism might not famous destination in Indonesia but the province hides many great things that make people regret because they pass it from the list. It hides tropical paradise where the plants, the animals, and the surrounding environment are worth to view. The province hides many historical buildings where stories are worth to hear.

north-maluku-tourism Nature and History

Nature in this province is magnificent especially many of the islands are uninhabited. Therefore, it is very easy to find the untouched nature. White sand beaches are spreading for miles where tourist could do various activities from swimming to diving. The water is still clear and the air is so fresh. With warm climate all year round, your tropical holiday will bring good mood.

This province has been through a long story. In the past, north-maluku-tourism is the place where traders from Arab, India, China, and Europe come to the islands to get spices. Maluku is the native of nutmeg and mace. Numerous cultures were met and shared here. Sultanate Palace, Oranye Fort, Statue of Vasco da Gama, big mosques, and minarets are the examples of great old buildings. Now, the province is quiet. Although it is not easy to reach north-maluku-tourism, the happiness is worth the effort.