Go Indonesia :: Gudeg, The Most Popular Yogyakarta Culinary

Gudeg is the most popular Yogyakarta culinary that has

been well known all around Indonesia, not only in its origin place,

Yogyakarta. Because of the popularity, Gudeg can be also found in other

places in Indonesia, but surely Yogyakarta is the best place to enjoy the

real taste of Gudeg. Gudeg is actually a kind of traditional food from

Yogyakarta, which has been around from many decades ago.

So, this is also a part of Yogyakarta culture.goindonet, go

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The combination of the sweet and salty seasons in Gudeg is what makes

this food well known. Gudeg is made of young jackfruit that is cooked

with other ingredients to make the taste more incredible. Also, since

Gudeg is cooked long enough, it offers a good enough taste for

everyone’s tongue. Gudeg can be found almost in every corner of

Yogyakarta, but there are surely some best places to visit to eat Gudeg,

one of them is in the Gudeg center located in Wijilan Yogyakarta. It is

not far from Yogyakarta Palace making it very accessible. There are many

options of Gudeg that can be tried here, so you can just simply choose

where you will eat gudeg and experience the nice Yogyakarta

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