Go Indonesia :: Experience The Great Taste Of Palembang Culinary


Food lovers should never skip Palembang culinary when

visiting Indonesia since it offers a wide range of delicious foods with

original Indonesian seasonings to experience. Pempek Palembang is the

famous food of Palembang that can be found in many other areas in

Indonesia as well. Pempek is very popular because it offers a great taste

that will make people just want it more and more. It is made of mashed

mackerel fish that is made into different shapes and it is then steamed.

Pempek is served with sauce as a snack or desert. The combination of

mackerel fish with the sour Pempek sauce is really incredible. Because of

the popularity, every corner of Palembang is full of Pempek.goindonet,

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Another great desert to try in Palembang is Es Kacang Merah. This is a

great desert made of red beans and ice combined with syrup and milk. It

has sweet, fresh and creamy taste that you will love. This is a good

option of desert because it is healthy considering it contains red beans

as the main ingredient. Like Pempek, Es Kacang Merah is also easy to find

in every corner of Palembang. Now since you have the options, you can

start your touring to experience Palembang culinary that

will make you happy have every come to Indonesia.

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