Goindonet.com Invites You to Papua Bird Watching


Papua bird watching is promising the view of hundreds exotic birds. The island of Papua is well known for it beautiful and colorful birds. Many birds are local bird such as cassowary and cendrawasih (bird of paradise). The others are migrant birds from Australia and New Zealand. When you come to the island, spare your time to visit the bird watching site. Prepare yourself to stay up the night because some of them are nocturnal.

Sites of Papua Bird Watching

Papua has many places to watch birds. One popular site is Wasur National Park in Merauke. Hundreds species of birds are living in this park. Some of the locals are cendrawasih, cassowary, garuda papua, eagles, crown pigeons, and namdur birds. The migrant birds are including royal spoonbills, Australian pranticole, pelican, and magpie geese. The birds are very beautiful and have unique habit.

The other places for Papua bird watching are Arfak Mountain, Lake Habema, Nimbokrang, and Biak. Arfak Mountain is home of unique birds. It is located in Manokwari. On the bird list are including western parotia, cendrawasih, and vogelkop bowerbird. Lake Habema is located in Wamena as home of over 600 bird species. Nimbokrang is home of twelve-wire cendrawasih, northern cassowary, vulturine parrot, papua hawk-owl, and more. Biak has many endemic birds such as Biak flycatcherin, Biak scrubfowl, Biak coucal, and Biak Scops-Owl.

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