Batu Town Square that makes the envy of all cities in Indonesia

March 29, 2018 | Districts and Provinces

Batu Town Square that makes the envy of all cities in Indonesia

Which city does not envy the beauty of Stone Town Square. Her face is beautiful, lots of playgrounds, and amenities are complete. This is one of the coveted squares in Indonesian cities, the inhabitants of Batu have the right to be the only one as cool as it is. Tourists will be at home playing besides visiting for free.

A variety of cool scenery can be explored by tourists if choosing Stone Town as a holiday destination. As the saying goes, “Rupo Nggowo Rego” is more or less meaningful if you want to get something good of course worth the price. But do not worry, Batu Town has kog stock place which is not cheap.

Cheap holiday tips at no cost in all cities is with the privilege of the square. Most travelers only need to spend money for two thousand silver as parking rates. Sounds pretty boring? Do not underestimate if you have never visited Batu Town Square. Pictures-it’s all in the town square will spread when a traveler comes to this place.

Square Square Square Square contains land and gardens that are sometimes even abused by young people to this day. Here the tourists will be amazed by the various cool support facilities it has. There is a playground for children, a fountain, a strawberry-shaped information room, an apple-shaped toilet and the most iconic one is the bianglala.

Perhaps not many people know if the town square of Batu is the only square in Indonesia that has a vehicle of permanent bianglala. Bianglala with 17 ready-made tourist cabins are used to see Batu City’s face from different angles like the tourists above who captured the pictures from the bianglala, a cool message.

Although entering the square is free but for every tourist who wants to ride bianglala still charged own tariff, the price is not expensive only about Rp. 3 thousand only. Around the square are also many traders who sell food that will accompany vacation tourists. Just the extra information that the slick face of Stone town square has been happening since a massive renovation in 2010 and only reopened in May 2011.


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