Go Indonesia :: Dive In Warm Sea Of Banda Islands


Banda Islands offer you the spectacular beauty of healthy reefs and large fish populations. Usually, you need to wear complete diving gear as it can get cold underwater. It is recommended to prevent the risk of decompression sickness because of the low temperature. Go Indonesia, particularly the eastern part of the country, you will find warmer spot to dive in.

What to Know about Banda Islands

Banda Islands is known as Spice Islands. It is recorded in history, becoming the destination of Arab, Indian, Chinese sellers since the first century AD. As it has rich natural resources of spice, Dutch colonizers reigned the group of remote tropical islands to dominate the world’s spice trade.


Today, although the history remains in mind of locals and books, the islands are known more as one of the best diving spots in Indonesia. You won’t only find a wide range fish population. The underwater environment surrounding the islands is the home of healthy reefs including the immense hard corals, sponges and sea fans. Check other popular divers’ popular destinations at goindonet website.

Diving is a must to do activity when you visit Indonesia as the 2/3 part of the country is water. Take time hunting for complete Indonesia tourism info and put Banda Islands on your visiting list.