Go Indonesia :: Activities That Could Be Done In Borobudur Temple


One of the most popular cultural sites that you could visit in Indonesia

is Borobudur Temple which is also considered as the

biggest temple in this country. This temple is also listed as one of the

World Heritage sites by UNESCO as well. For those of you who plan to

visit this famous temple, there are several things that you might need to

know first. The temple is located in Magelang, Central Java. You could

visit the site of this temple from Yogyakarta by using public

transportation or rented car.

When you want to visit Borobudur Temple, there are

several rules that you need to follow since this site is a cultural site

and also a religious site. You need to make sure that you wear proper

clothes when you want to visit this temple. You also need to wear comfort

shoes as well since you need to take a large amount of walk around the

site. If it’s necessary, you also could use some helps from tour

guide so that you could walk around the site of this temple in more

comfortable way.

There are so many things that you could do when you visit

Borobudur Temple site. One of the most interesting

activities that you could do on the site of this temple is elephant

riding. There are some elephants that are provided in Safari Gajah

Borobudur program. You could ride the elephant and wander around the

villages and rice fields near the site of the temple. You also could see

the activities that are done by the people who live in those villages as

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Other interesting activity that you could do when visiting the site of

Borobudur Temple is bicycling around the site. There are

several bicycle rentals that you could find on the area of this temple.

You also could find several bicycle routes that you could choose. You

could ride the bicycle from the Borobudur area to Pawon Temple area or

Mendut Temple area. You also could ride your bicycle around Borobudur

area to visit Samudra Raksa Ship Museum and Karma

Wibhanga Museum.

Visiting Borobudur Temple also allows you to try some exotic

traditional foods as well. In the area of this temple, you might find

many food stalls that offer various choices of traditional

foods with delicious taste such as Javanese Noodle or Bakmi Jawa

and Tongseng Jamur.

If you want to buy

snacks or souvenirs, you also could find some stalls that sell various

choices of souvenir in Borobudur Temple from traditional

snack such as Wingko and Bakpia. goindonesia borobudur temple,

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