Go Indonesia :: Some Options Of Kudus Culinary Vacations


As Kudus Culinary vacations in Kudus are full

of delicious traditional foods. However, this is actually what people

look for when they come here. Kudus has a great taste of traditional

foods that have been popular around Indonesia. To

experience the original taste of traditional foods from Kudus, it will be

better to come directly to this place and try the nice taste foods.

Located in Central Java, Kudus really offers a wide range of nice foods

for both foreign and domestic travelers coming here.goindonet, go

indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Lenthog Tanjung is one of the best foods of Kudus to try because it

really has amazing taste everyone will enjoy. This food is made of a

combination of lontong, a kind of rice made into a tube, solid form and

lodeh, a traditional food of Kudus with tofu and soup made of coconut

milk. Once you try it, you will really want to retry it. The most

interesting about this food is the affordable price every traveler can

buy because it will not make your wallet empty. Soto Kudus is another

great food to experience in Kudus. This is made of a combination of soup,

rice and chicken sliced into pieces and you can eat it with chili sauce

and ketchup. This is really one of the best Kudus culinary

vacations to enjoy.

Go Indonesia :: 5 Best Places To Visit To Experience Indonesia Culinary Vacations


There are so many options of culinary vacations in

Indonesia to try because Indonesia has several different foods that can

be enjoyed. Visiting Indonesia without trying the culinary vacations

would be useless because food is one of the best things in Indonesia.

Surely Indonesia is a country with so many beautiful places to visit, but

there are also many good foods to eat.


Rendang and Lado Mudo are some Indonesian foods

that can be found here. This is a great place for those who love

culinary vacations while enjoying beautiful scenery.

Located in West Sumatra, Bukittinggi is a great place with a lot option

of Indonesian foods originally coming from Sumatra while offering the

beautiful scenery of hills of Bukittinggi.


If you have ever visited Yogyakarta, it will never be completed

without experiencing the great taste of Gudeg, the most popular food in

Yogyakarta. People coming to Yogyakarta will never skip experiencing the

nice taste of Gudeg that is available in many restaurants in Yogyakarta.

This is why Yogyakarta is often called as Big Jackfruit, considering that

Gudeg is made of young jackfruit.


Still in Sumatra, located in South Sumatra, there is a good Indonesian

food to try, called Coto Makassar. This food has an original taste of

Indonesia with the Indonesian season to make you feel better. Not only

Coto Makassar, Pisang Ijo can be also found here and

this is good to be used as a dessert after eating Coto Makassar.


Located in South Sulawesi, Palembang offers a variety of great tasted

foods from Indonesia that will always make you remember that Indonesia

really has a long list of delicious foods to try. Pempek is one of the

most popular foods that can be found here. You cannot leave Palembang

without experiencing the nice taste of Pempek and other kinds of foods

like Tekwan and red beans ice.


Food lovers who come to Indonesia should visit Medan before leaving to

experience the great taste of Bolu Merati, one of the traditional Medan

foods. This sweet and smooth cake will make your tongue wants more and

more to come and retry it.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

indonesia tourism info

Now since you have so many options to explore Indonesian

culinary vacations, you can make a plan to choose the

first place that you will visit and experience the nice taste of

Indonesian foods that are rich of Indonesian seasonings of Indonesia. go

indonesia culinary vacations