Go Indonesia :: Destinations Of Wisata Biak Numfor Papua


Wisata Biak Go Indonesia is being promoted maximally by the local community of tourism management. The natural beauty of Biak is potential to invite travelers visiting the tourism destinations. That is why they work hard to make the tourism destinations more inviting.

Kinds of Wisata Biak Destinations

Destinations of Wisata Biak Go Indonesia consist of Padaido Sea Park, Binsari cave with its Japanese history, history heritage of World War II, beautiful beaches such as Bosnik Beach and Wari Beach, Orchid and Birds Park, and also some traditional dance of Papua, etc. The local government is sure that the tourism destinations are potentially visited by travelers.

Famous Sea Park of Padaido Archipelago

The amazing tourism destinations, especially the natural and awesome sea park is mostly visited and amazed by travelers from all over the world. The crystal clear sea water, various types of coral reefs and sea fauna make it the unforgettable spot for diving. It was formerly named Schouter Archipelago for it was found by a Dutchman named William Schouter in 1602. It stores the richest coral ecosystems in the world with 95 coral species and 155 fish species. The flat coral reefs got more than nine thousand hectares of width and more than 300 hectares of depth. For the amazing sea park, it becomes the most spectacular coral reefs for international divers. Wisata Biak go Indonesia is the best destination for divers.