Go Indonesia :: Popular Traditional Folk Dances Of Kulon Progo


Traditional folk dances are one of main art attractions to see when you visit Kulon Progo, a regency in Yogyakarta Special Region. Known as the Jewel of Java, this regency is rich of trade, tourism and investment resources. Visitors won’t only get tempted with the beauty of its nature, but are also invited to witness the diversity of its local culture, including the folk dances.



Kulon Progo’s Famous Traditional Folk Dances

When you are in go Indonesia plan, make sure to take a trip to explore Yogyakarta. It is a good idea to head to the western area to visit Kulon Progo and you may have the chance to view one or all of the following traditional folk dances:

  • Angguk Dance – Performed in groups, the dancers delivers the story of Umarmoyo-Umarmadi and Wong Agung Jayengrono in Ambiyo Note. The dancers wear costumes that look like Dutch soldiers’ dress with various attributes
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  • Jathilan Dance- Performed in groups, the dancers play different carachters including wewe, penthul, barongan, gendruwo and bejer. Ndadi (trance / in trance) is one of its main highlights.
  • Incling Dance – Performed in groups, the dancers brings the Panji story or a documentary film about WS Rendra, a dramatist and poet.

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