Go Indonesia :: Garut Tour, Stunning Destinations

Garut Tour, stunning destinations for real tropical climate, if that is what you are looking for . Garut tour is one of exclusive destinations in Indonesia that there is still not too exposed for the foreigner tourists. It offers awesome nature places and heritages, which you can enjoy the scenery around. You also can get special products from here with its unique taste. It’s a great place for you who want to see the different side of Indonesia. Let’s check out the quick review about this place!

Myth and Legend Behind Garut Tour Destinations

Located in Western Java Province, Garut is a district with its central place in Tarogong Kidul. The Sundanese people dominates the population here. You can visit many exotic places as your travel destination here. Let’s say the Situ Bagendit lake, which has local legend about its historical culture in Garut. You can find more about the legend story about this place if you are curious enough.

Move around Garut and you also can go to Papandayan Mount. Here you will get awesome scenery of stunning craters. There is also special waterfall called Curug Orog for you who want to free your soul. It’s an amazing place with awesome scenery. Garut also offers mesmerizing beaches on here. You can enjoy on tanning your skin in awesome scenery here. Let’s take Garut tour destination and happy exploring.