Gorontalo Province Tourism


Gorontalo Province is located in eastern part of Indonesia, in the island of Sulawesi. Gorontalo City is the capital. Many travellers known Gorontalo as the hub to Togean Islands and Tomini, but Gorontalo tourism has long list of things to do in the province. From simply go around seeing the local wisdoms to delight in the nature to captivate by the history, you can spend days and still feel not enough.


Cities and Regencies of Gorontalo Province


Gorontalo consists of 5 regencies and 1 city that are Boalemo Regency, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Regency, North Gorontalo Regency, Pathuwato Regency, and Gorontalo City.


How to Get In


Gorontalo is accessible by many transport means. You can go by plane from several main cities in Indonesia to Gorontalo Airport. Fast ferry and overnight ferry is another option. If you already stay in Manado, you can use bus to go there.


Popular Destinations


Gorontalo City is the main destination. Good hotels, nice restaurants, and museums are there. You should try various mouth water dishes while you visit the city. The natural options to consider while visiting the province are Maleo bird sanctuary, Nani Wartabone National Park, Olele Natural Reserve, and Lombongo Waterfall and hotspring.


Historical and cultural sites are including Taruna Remaja Square, Otanaha Forts, Bubohu Bongo religious excursion village, and the 2000 stairs.