Go Indonesia :: Indonesia And Tourism Are About Rich Of Diversity


Indonesia and tourism could be

pictured as diversity in any facets. Indonesia is an archipelago country

with more than 17,000 islands spreading from the west to the east.

Indonesia tourism diversity is including diversity in

nature, cultural, historical heritage, and cuisine. Each island in the

country offers uniqueness that makes go Indonesia

becomes so much fascinating. You can get more

complete indonesia tourism info, but here are several

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Diversity in Indonesia and Tourism

As archipelago, Indonesia has marine and land diversity. Owning about

20% of coral reefs in the world, Indonesian marine diversity is including

over 600 species of coral and more than 3000 fish species. From beaches

to volcanic seamounts, the excitements are there for diving, surfing, or

just for walking around the beach sand. The land is another enchanting

paradise with million acres of rain forests, numbers of volcanoes, lakes,

and rivers.

Cultural and historical heritage diversity is the other keys of

attraction of Indonesia and

tourism. With more than 300 ethnic groups

through out the archipelago, each of them has unique traditions, rituals,

arts, local language, and cuisine.

The long history of the country through different era of Hinduism,

Buddhism, and Islamic, as well as European and Japanese colonialism,

creates richer culture of the country and leave enormous heritages.

Chinese influences are the other thing than create cultural diversity in

Indonesia and