Go Indonesia :: Lovely And Beautiful Indonesia Traditional Fabrics


Indonesia traditional fabrics are something essential in

Indonesia culture so goindonet decide to explain it.

This information is important for you who like to collect traditional

fabrics and to give you more idea for souvenir. Let’s get

complete Indonesia tourism info.

Indonesia has wide variety of traditional fabrics.

You may already hear about batik that had international status as world

heritage. Yet, batik is not the only one. In the other parts of

archipelago, the locals made variety of fabrics by hand.

Most Indonesia traditional fabrics are woven cloth.

The notable woven cloths are songket and tenut ikat. Songket are widely

made in Sumatra. Batak songket is famous for their beauty that it could

take weeks to months to weave it. Tenun ikat or ikat weaving is made in

numerous places, especially Bali and Flores. Aside

woven cloth, you can find other type of fabrics such as lovely sasirangan

fabric in Kalimantan that commonly have colorful pattern.

People of Indonesia use traditional fabrics for numerous products.

Clothing is the most common while the other uses are including drapery,

bags, bed covers, cushions, table covers, and numerous merchandises.

Anytime you go Indonesia, do not forget to enjoy the

beauty of Indonesia traditional fabrics and bring them

home with you.