Go Indonesian :: What to See at Indonesian Archipelago Plaza And Stage


Indonesian archipelago plaza and

stage is one of essential spots in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

(TMII) or literary means Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. The park

itself is a popular tourism object located in East Jakarta, Indonesia. It

took 4 years to construct the whole parts lying on about 145 ha area and

the official inauguration took place on April 20th 1975.

TMII was built as based on the idea of Siti Hartinah, the former first

lady who was best-known as Madam Tien Soeharto. The park was made with

the concept of collecting and communicating the Indonesian

treasure diversity. It lets you see the whole Indonesia

in one day with traditional pavilions as the main attraction. Each

building represents the ethnic art of architecture. Until 2000s, there

were 27 houses built, but now it consists of 33 buildings.goindonet, go

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is open in seven days of the week. There

are more attractions to view besides the pavilions. One of the special

sights is the miniature of Indonesian archipelago

that is situated in the center lake. Visitors are usually taken via cable

car to get the view from above. There, you will find a human-made lake

that seem showing the beauty of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

Mountains, hills and flora are constructed in mini size and represent the

natural beauty of the archipelago country. You will find

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage close to this lake.

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stageis also mostly called as Plasa Arsipel or Archipelago

Colossal Stage. It is commonly used to hold various activities like

seminars, music performances and other public events. The spot has 0.6

kilometers of length. This plaza itself is known as one of some parks

available in TMII. The others are including Bird Park, Children Palace,

Cactus Garden, Herbs Garden and Keong Emas Flower Park.

You should not stop the steps at

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage. Keep the adventure by exploring the whole parts of

TMII. Find other attractions offered at the traditional pavilions,

religious buildings and other well-known parts of this park. You can make

the trip on foot; take skylight cable car or aeromovel. There is also

mini train around the park. Driving a car is possible too. If you want to

explore the archipelago lake, you can use swan paddle

boat. Do not forget to come by to

Indonesian archipelago plaza

and stage or Plaza Arsipel to find out the current event being

held at this area.