Go Indonesia :: Istano Basa, Minangkabau Royal Palace


Istano Basa or also known as Pagaruyuang is the Minangkabau royal palace belongs to the former Pagaruyung Kingdom. The palace was adapted the traditional Minangkabau architectural style with several different elements, such as large dimension and three storey structure. That is why, though the basis of the palace is similar to the Rumah Gadang (Minangkabau traditional house), but we can easily see that it comes in different appearance and design.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Today, Pagaruyung or Istana Basa, Minangkabau royal palace is empty because the royal family has moved to other places. However, people in Minangkabau still use it, especially for certain activities. The current palace is a rebuilt form because it has been destroyed by several disasters; in 1804, 1966 and last is in 2007. Because of its historical background and seen as the city landmark, the palace was rebuilt again and functioned as popular tourist attraction, including museum for keeping historical collections.

The original construction was built from timber but because of the disaster happened in 2007, the government decided to use modern concrete structure as the frame. However, the basic traditional elements of the palace are still applied, including the famous 60 carvings, three story concepts and its traditional roof shape. The Minangkabau royal palace is decorated with many antique artifact and furniture. go indonesia minangkabau royal palace, goindonesia minangkabau royal palace