Jambi Province Tourism

Jambi Province is a province located in eastern coastal areas in the central part of the island of Sumatra. The province has a provincial capital that has same name with the name of the province. The capital of province is Jambi. The majority of people in this province are derived from the Malay and Javanese.


Cities and regencies


The province has nine districts of Batang, Kerinci, Bungo, Merangin, Muaro, Sarolangun, Tanjung Jabung Barat, Tanjung Jabung Timur, and Tebo. In addition, the province also has two cities of Jambi and Sungai Penuh.


How to get in


To reach the province of Jambi, the visitors from outside the region could use the air. Jambi province has three airports, namely airport in Jambi city named Sultan Thaha Airport, Depati Parbo in Kerinci airport, and Bungo airport. Sultan Taha Syaifuddin Airport is the main airport in the province. From the airport, visitors can use some alternative means of transportation. You can use some public transport, using the services of travel, or renting a vehicle for easy access to a variety of desired destinations.


Popular destinations


Several tourist destinations that can be visited in Jambi Province like Muaro Jambi Temple is National Monument that are the largest temple complex in Indonesia, Tanggo Rajo, a replica of National Monument, Taman Mini and Taman Rimba, and Lake Sipin. For those of you who love history, you should also complement your visit by visiting the Negeri Jambi Museum.