Go Indonesia :: Amused By Indonesia Local Languages


Indonesia local languages are one of the symbols of diversity in

Indonesia. Not only mesmerized by the diversity of nature and culture,

tourist who come to Indonesia will amused by the huge number of local

languages and dialects spoken in the country. Here in goindonet

, you will find some facts of this multilingual country.

In the world, multilingual population in Indonesia

is the second largest. Throughout the archipelago, more than 700

languages are spoken by locals. Most Indonesia local

languages are in the family of Austronesian languages while some

of them are the family of Papuan languages. In some region, we could also

find people speak Chinese languages.

Javanese is the most spoken local language in Indonesia that widely

spoken in Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java. International tourists

are likely hear this languages at least once. If the tourists not

visiting Central Java, Jogja, or East Java, they may hear it from

Javanese workers that work in numerous cities throughout Indonesia,

especially Jakarta and Bali.

When you go Indonesia and arrive at Jakarta, you

can hear Betawi as the local languages of Betawi ethnic in Jakarta. If

you arrive at Bali, listen to the Balinese. When you go to other part of

Indonesia, you will hear people speak differently and that is quite

amusing. After amused by Indonesia local languages, find

complete Indonesia tourism info for more amusing things

of Indonesia.