Go Indonesia :: The Sacred and Elegant of Melinting Dance from Lampung


There are many examples of cultural richness in Indonesia. Traditional dance is one of them; where in each and every province in Indonesia has several traditional dances that represent the beauty of the local culture. The Indonesian archipelago Lampung dance is one small example of that. Lampung, a province that located in Sumatra Island has several traditional dances and one of the most popular one is Melinting dance.

The name of Melinting Dance comes from the maker of this dance, Queen Melinting. It was said that Queen Melinting who ruled the area in the 16 century created this sacred and beautiful dance. At first, this dance was only performed inside the royal palace, but since 1958, the dance has been modified where there are couple of changes was made into the function, clothes and accessories that the dancer wear.goindonet, go indonesia, complete indonesia tourism info

Right now this sacred dance was performed to welcome honor guest that come to Lampung. People who come to Lampung and have the chance to enjoy this Indonesian archipelago Lampung dance will enjoy elegant movement of the dance that was played by women and man. In the same time, people also can enjoy the sound from the traditional instrumental music that follows this dance.