Go Indonesia :: Indonesia Archipelago Rattan, The Beauty Of Natural Rattan Furniture



As a tropical country, Indonesia offer lots of great things that come

from its nature. One of it is the . Rattan is the name of plant that was used to made

furniture. What makes rattan different from ordinary wood or teak is its

flexibility. Rattan can be bending into different shape without have to

break it. Its natural shape gives its own beauty that makes it very

popular to be made as furniture.goindonet, go indonesia, complete

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Rattan can be made into many things. The most common is furniture

where people can find rattan furniture with various design, shape and

size that can be placed indoor, outdoor, patio and also in pool areas.

But that is not all, because rattan can be made into various house

accessories such as lamp house, a basket and other sort of thing that

people can used in their daily life.

Many rattan furniture manufactures combine this material with other

natural material such as sea grass and banana tree to create something

unique. The rattan material from Indonesia is considered as one of the

best in the world. It has certain qualities that set it different from

the rest. The Indonesian Archipelago Rattan is a one

example from many great things that this country has to offer. go

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