Go Indonesia:: Enjoying 1001 Caves in Pacitan Tour

Pacitan tour comes with a typical territory surrounded by mountains, which later become the charming nature that would bring peace to the mind of anybody. Pacitan is known as the city with 1001 caves, so it is almost certain that a tourist will easily find many caves there. Geographically, Pacitan is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean and surrounded by Limestone Mountains.

Pacitan tour, a City with 1001 Caves

Beside 1001 caves, people can easily find a number of beaches during their Pacitan tour trip. Some beaches offer definite waves which are favored by surfers. Watu Karung beach is a very nice place for surfers who want to challenge ferocious high waves. Along with that name, there are a few more beaches like Plengkung Banyuwangi or Bangko-Bangko Lombok.

However, if there is anyone who’d like to enjoy the calmness of wave, then there is Teleng Ria beach, which can be reached in just 5 minutes from downtown. If you are into caves, Goa Gong would spoil your ears. In this cave there is a stone which would lead to sound like a gong if someone hit it. Basically, Pacitan tour offers natural beauty where the tourists can spend a lot of time to do a variety of outdoor activities.