Go Indonesia :: Semarang Culinary Vacation List



There is a long list of Semarang culinary vacation

that Goindonet will share to you as a useful

information before experiencing the great taste of foods from Semarang.

There are so many famous restaurants that can be visited because they

offer nice tasted foods and services. You can try what you have not tried

before and you might get addicted. If you want something affordable to

eat at night, go to Warung Semawis, which offers many options of foods

from many small restaurants. However, it is opened only on Friday,

Saturday and Sunday at night. You can find many options of oriental foods

including Chinese foods.

Options of Semarang Culinary Vacation

If you love seafood, then Rumah Makan Kampung Laut is the best place

to get the best seafood in Semarang. This is more than just a place to

eat, but this is also a place to do fishing. The unique eating area of

this restaurant is the most interesting thing. You can enjoy the seafood

while seeing the fishing center near the eating area. There are many

kinds of seafood available and they are fresh from the water. It depends

on what you want to eat and where you want to eat to find the best

Semarang culinary vacation because there are many places

available for providing best Semarang foods for you.