Goindonet.com Engages You to See the Mesmerizing Sikunir Sunrise


Sikunir Sunrise can be an awesome attraction that Goindonet.com sure you will get an amazing experience here. Located at the same place on the Dieng complex, right on Wonosobo, Central Java, you can go here from Semarang or Yogyakarta at about 3-4 hour by using motorcycle or car. Because this experience is about to catching the sunrise, it’s better for you to come here at one night before the sunrise.

Sikunir Sunrise and Its Awesomeness

Just go to Sikunir from Yogyakarta or Semarang at about 04 pm. You will reach Sikunir, Dieng at about 8 or 9 pm. Near the Sikunir Hill, there is a large field that you can use as the camping. However, you also can get some homestay if you prefer to get the better space to rest. Remember, the night situation on this area can be very cold. It’s better to pack your thick jacket so you can get a good clothing support.

When the time shows at about 3 a.m, it’s a perfect time for you to go to the Sikunir Hills. Usually, there is always domestic tourists that also come along with you. You don’t have to worry to get lost. Prepare some drink! You need to climb the hill with extra power. If you reach the top of Sikunir Hill, now just wait the sunrise to come. Ladies and gentleman, here are epic sunrise that will melt your brain! It’s a dramatic Sikunir Sunrise that can be a part of your frozen memory.