Go Indonesia :: Main Surfing Paradises In Indonesia


From many destinations, surfing paradises in Indonesia could be your goal. Vast marine area in this world’s largest archipelago is completed with outstanding surfing spots with international reputation. You not only get the high quality wave, but you get the beauty you will not see elsewhere. Get the information here at goindonet.

For international surfers, Bali and Lombok are most famous place of surfing spots. Waves in different types and unique winds on hundreds surfing spots is worthwhile. Uluwatu and Padang are legendary choices in Bali while Gili Trawangan and Desert Point are Lombok’s famous. The well-known go Indonesia destination for surfing and the area is tourism well managed, amenities and facilities are abundant although crowd may annoy you.

If you wish the real surfing paradises in Indonesia, where exceptional waves surprise you and the location gives you space to relax far from crowd, go to Mentawai. High level of serious surfing is on Mentawai. Surfing events in international level are there. Another option is Hinako Island with consistent overhead surf as the reputation. Nevertheless, those destinations are located in remote area where transportation is not widely available. Of course, it needs effort to reach paradise.

When you decide to surf in Indonesia, get complete Indonesia tourism info in order to make the stay enjoyable. Enjoy culture and cuisine will complete your trip, while enjoying surfing paradises in Indonesia.