Go Indonesia :: Kebon Nogo, The Centre Of Indonesian Dragon Fruit


The tasty and healthy dragon fruit now can be found easily in

Kebon Nogo, located in Cimenyan Village, Bandung, and

West Java. This is actually not only located here because you can also

find Kebon Nogo in Malang, East Java. The dragon fruit garden is

considered as the largest producing nearly 1000 tons monthly. Red dragon

fruit can be found in here and you can also experience walking around the

garden and take your wn dragon fruit. The most interesting, not

only red dragon fruit, but also black dragon fruit is

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Black dragon fruit is the new variety of dragon fruit that is grown

here. The black dragon fruit is made of fertilizer containing a lot of

charcoal from residual combustion. This technique is developed by the

farmers to make a new variety of dragon fruit that can be enjoyed by

everyone. Not only dragon fruit, but there are also other options of

fruits grown in this garden such as American lemon, Golden King Durian

and others. You can find many options of fresh fruits with more

affordable prices compared to other places. The exclusive fruit products

from this amazing garden can be experienced easily simply by visiting

Kebon Nogo. go idonesia kebon nogo,

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