Go Indonesia :: The Legend And Myth Of Prambanan Temple


Prambanan Temple is one of best attractions in

Yogyakarta Special Region. Unlike Borobudur Temple that is known

as Buddhists worship place, this one is the largest Hindu temple in

Southeast Asia and be the most beautiful site in the world. Make sure to

visit it when you go Indonesia.

How Prambanan Temple was Built

According to history, Prambanan Temple was built in

the 8th century, as the marriagesymbol of Rakai Pikatan, a

Hindu Prince from Sanjaya Dinasty as he had been able to rule Buddhist

Sailendra monarchy. Originally, the temple complex

contained of 250 large and small temple, but then Mataram Kingdom made

the expansion with addition of hundred perwaras. Despite of this

historical record, you may hear a folk legend about the temple. Also

known as Roro Jonggrang Temple, the 1000th statue of the

temple was recognized as Roro Jonggrang, a slender virgin lady. She was

cursed into stone by a young and powerful man named Bandung Bondowoso as

he got angry with the lady’s attempt in thwarting his effort to

marry her.

Goindonet also has one more interesting

information about the temple. It is a popular myth where couples are

discouraged to come to this historical and spiritual site. There is a

belief that they will break up. If you take time browsing the

complete Indonesia tourism info, you can even find more

fascinating myths besides what Prambanan Temple has.