Go Indonesia :: Exceptional Beauty of Ujung Kulon National Park


In the highly populated island, lay the magnificent Ujung

Kulon National Park. When development diminishes most natural

part of Java Island, Indonesian Government with help from numerous

wildlife communities are working hand in hand to preserve the most

extensive lowland forest remaining in Java. As the home of diverse flora

and fauna, this beautiful peninsula offers breathtaking sceneries and

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One of the main [link:66]attraction[/link]s in this park is single-

horned Javan Rhino that critically endangered and Ujung

Kulon is the last natural habitat for this species. Apart

of Javan Rhino, other endemic and endangered species Javan Gibon and

Javan Leaf Monkey and many other endangered mammals, reptiles,

amphibians, and plants are highly conserve here.

The other attraction of the park is Krakatau [link:26]Volcano

[/link] that has dramatic history of huge eruption in 1883 when more than

36,000 people were killed that time. Geological evolution demonstrated

from the surrounding area offers scenic attraction for people who want to

see and learn island volcanism. The tropical rainforests, the coastline,

coral reefs, and offshore islands in the park create amazing combination

for exceptional beauty.


Kulon National Park is tourist friendly with basic

accommodations are available in the area. However, permits and

arrangements from the management are something to be organized before

visitors come to the park. go indonesia ujung kulon , ujung kulon