Go Indonesia :: Bawomataluo Village – Traditional Village Of South Nias


Bawomatuluo village is a traditional village that is very famous in South Nias. The village has a very dense residential area even includes the village with the most dense settlements in South Nias. We can find the most majestic Omo Sebua in Nias. In addition, there are 230 custom homes or Omo Hada. It is a village with traditional houses most of the other indigenous villages in South Nias.

Access to this village could enter through the back door or through the village gate. The village is located at the top of the hill and to reach the gate, we had to climb 88 stairs at an angle of 45 degrees. We can see the beauty of the Indian Ocean at the gate. In fact, we could see the panorama and the beauty of the sunset that is amazing at the village gate. This makes the village is named Bawomataluo which means sun hill.

The village also has several indigenous tradition as exists in some other areas on the island of Nias. You can enjoy the dance of war and attractions stone jump. In addition, the village also has many artisans carved from wood, stone, and woven mats. All the crafts are traded. This could be one of the central souvenirs to handicrafts.

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