Go Indonesia :: The Fresh Air, Beauty Landscaping Of Bromo Mountain


Bromo Mountain is located in East Java and is considered as one

of the best mountains for holiday destination in Indonesia. Bromo is

really a place for holidays so that people can spend some time in even

the top of the mountain for a while breathing in the fresh air and

enjoying the beautiful landscaping around the mountain. This could be one

of the most holiday experiences. Things that can be enjoyed in

Bromo Mountain are not just the mountain and

the surroundings, but there are many other good activities to do in

Bromo. So, before going in there, you might need to know what else you

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The first and the most interesting thing to do in Bromo Mountain is to see

and enjoy the sun rise. This is necessary for you to go to the top of the

mountain before morning comes and wait in there for a while to see the

beauty of sunrise from the top of Bromo. Tourists who are coming there

will never skip this beautiful and interesting experience. So, never skip

doing this when you are in Bromo since you might have left the best thing

to do in Bromo without seeing the sun rising in the morning.

Interesting Activities in Bromo Mountain

If you come to Bromo when there is Kasada festival, you will make a

good time in there because the festival is really attractive. This is

held from September to November. So, if you want to enjoy an attraction

in Bromo Mountain, then you should go in the right time

when the attraction is held. This festival is actually a belief, cultural

festival that is done by the people of Bromo. This

festival is when the people of Bromo called Tengger ethnic group

come to the mountain and put some foods like chicken and vegetables to

the crater of the mountain.

Riding horse is another interesting activity in Bromo. Riding horse in

Bromo is different from riding horse in the other places because here you

will ride the horse on sand filed. It is located in the

National Park of Bromo and the sand is just so beautiful since its

height is about 2.392 meters. This is so unique that you cannot find it

from anywhere else.  Remember that the temperature of the

Bromo Mountain is cold enough, so make sure you protect

your body really well by wearing scarfs, gloves, shocks and jacket.

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