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Ijen Volcano Complex is one of the most popular tourist

destinations in Bondowoso. Before you decide to visit this area, there

are several preparations that you might need to do, including prepare

your physical condition since you will have to take a long walk. If you

want to visit this area, the first thing that you should know is the

location of this tourist attraction. This area is located

in Bondowoso City, East Java. For those of you who want to visit this

area, you need to wear comfortable clothes. You also need to bring mask

as well since this area has a high level of sulfur. goindonet, go

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One of the most important things that you should know when you want to

visit Ijen Volcano Complex is what

transportation that you should use to get to this area. There are various

choices of transportation devices that you could choose to visit this

area from trail bike to mountain bike. Since the path to the location has

quite difficult terrain, the transportation devices

that could be used to reach this location are the ones that are designed

for off-road trip.

How to reach Ijen Volcano Complex

If you came from Surabaya and you want to visit Ijen Volcano Complex, you

could use public buses from Surabaya to Bondowoso. The cost that you have

to pay for riding the public bus is about IDR 50,000. The trip from

Surabaya to Bondowoso is about six to seven hours long. Once you’ve

reached Bondowoso, you could continue your journey to Paltuding post by

using cars that are available for rent. You also could reach this area

from Sempol Sub-district as well. If you want to go to this area from

Sempol Sub-district, you could ride motorcycle. To enter the

Mount Ijen area, you need to pay IDR 2,000 for local

tourists and IDR 15,000 for foreign visitors.

When you reach Paltuding post, you might find several lodges and villa

that you could use as the place for you to stay during your visit to

Ijen Volcano Complex. If you want to stay at the lodge

you need to pay IDR 100,000 per night. On the other hand, for those of

you who want to stay at the villa with three rooms, you need to pay IDR

500,000 per night.

These lodges and villas are very useful especially when you reach

Paltuding post in the evening. You could stay at the lodge for a while

and continue your journey to the crater in the next morning. The best

time to go to Ijen Volcano Complex is in early morning.

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